Thursday, 8 December 2016

Writing Experience T4W4

In class we have been researching a bug that we found. We had to make a google slide about it.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

CO2 Wordle

In class we made a word cloud on how we would feel
if we were to win the CO2 car races.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

How To Make A Spinning Top


  • Bottle Top
  • Skewers 
  • Drill
  • Pencil
  • Felts/Jovis 
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors 
  • Rubber

  • First trace around the bottle top onto the piece of cardboard.
  • Secondly start to colour in the circle/piece of cardboard.
  • After you have colored in the piece of cardboard cut the circle out.
  • Then stab the pencil through the cardboard. I suggest you do it on top of a rubber.
  • Afterwards put the cardboard into the bottle top.
  • Fourthly drill a hole through the bottle top. Make sure an adult helps you drill the hole.
  • Next put the skewer through the cardboard and the bottle top.
  • Now you can start playing with your spinning top. Have fun.

WARNING: This is for children 5+.
Get an adult to help drill the hole through the bottle cap.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Time Connectors

In class we have been learning about time connectors. Here is my word cloud of time connector words.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


I made a cartoon about the Wanganui River here it is.

Creative Writing

I could not believe my eyes when playing Pokemon Go, a wild Gyarados popped up. I was in Kowhai Park when it popped up. My friends had told me that there was lots of Magikarp in Kowhai Park. Magikarp is the unevolved form of Gyarados. I had 400 Magikarp candies when I caught it. I had 397 Magikarp candies so when I caught the Gyarados it went up to 400 candies. It gives you three candies for each Pokemon you catch. I was so happy when I got my two Gyarados. It was the best thing that happened on my Pokemon Go account. I quickly ran to the car to show my mum she was so happy for me. I said you are the best mum ever thank you for bringing me here. “There is a Lapras right here, LAPRAS, the Lapras is over here follow me, this is awesome because I am catching all of the rare pokemon.” I hope I can catch even more rare pokemon it would be awesome if we could get another Gyarados I really want 4 Gyarados's. Now that would just be amazing, I would scream my head off if I could get 4 Gyarados’s. Thank you mum you are awesome.
Image result for shiny gyarados


My class have been studying erosion. We made prezis to tell you all about erosion. Here is my prezi.

Wanganui River Uses

This week my class have been studying the Wanganui River. We have all made a glogster on our computers. Here is mine.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Prove It To Move It

L.I: Can I use commas in a list?

I was running to the shop when I saw a Lamborghini, Bugatti Veyron and a Ford Mustang Shelby. I was so amazed because the three cars that I saw were all of my dream cars. The car that I want most is all of them. I would  buy a 10 car garage just so I could have multiple of the cars. I would make them as fast as they could go, I would put a low suspension on them all and I would customize the paint, the wheels and the spoilers on them.

Monday, 29 August 2016


For the past 3 weeks we have been going to the Boys and Girls Gym Club. We practiced our motorbike landing, we practiced our pike jumps, tuck jumps, star jumps and we also did all of those in the air. On our 2nd session we practiced our forward rolls. I didn't go to the 3rd session because I went to YMCA instead. The instructors names were Ryan and Kelly.
Image result for wanganui boy and girl gym club

Sunday, 21 August 2016

A-Z 2016

Big cliffs next to it
Cold as ice
Excellent sights
Gross fish
Jumping off the wharf into the Wanganui River
Long length
Nice small sea creatures
Out to the ocean
Ultimately fast
Very cold
X extra-gross
Yuck to drink
Ziggy zaggy shape
Image result for whanganui river

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Prove It To Move

L.I: Can I use complex sentences every time?

Mum and I were going to the zoo, when we got there we saw a lion and we saw little cubs. Mum was so excited to see the octopus. I was so excited to see the giraffes, the giraffes neck was as tall as a dump truck and it was as fat as a hippo.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Prove It To Move It

L.I: Can I use alliterations?

I was driving down the road in my tiny tricky truck when I started to go slower, my tiny tricky truck was breaking down. "Oh no please don't break down." My tiny tricky truck broke down just as I was heading to work. "Hey Riley, how's it going?" asked Preston. Preston's nick name is Preston Plays Pinball. He is so annoying, "Hi Preston, how's it going Racing Rally Riley? My name is Riley but my nickname is Racing Rally Riley, its cool I reckon. I actually suit my nickname. "I need help Preston" Said Riley. "Let's go to the engineer."

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Acrostic Poem

Water is muddy
Awesome sight when you are on the Waimarie
Night swimming
Good for kayaking
Awesome jet skiing
Night fishing
Ultimately fast

Really destructive when it floods
Intense injuries when you jump in and land on a log or rock
Very fast current
Enormous width
Racing boats

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Magical Water Experiment


  • A mug
  • A big bowl
  • Glad Wrap
  • String/Rubber band
     1. Fill your bowl up to half way.
     2. Put your mug in the middle the right way up.
     3. Put your glad wrap over top of your bowl.
     4. Put your string around the glad wrap to secure it.
     5. Place the bowl in the sun.
     6. Wait and observe.

These are my predictions...

  1. I predict that the sun will evaporate the water.
  2. I predict that the mug will break.
  3. I predict that sun will melt the glad wrap.
  4. I predict that the sun will turn it into a cloud.
My prediction was right.

The Results:

The sun heated the water and it evaporated up towards the glad wrap. Condensation formed on the glad wrap. When the water vapour became heavy it dropped into the cup, like rain. (precipitation)

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Weekly Reflection T2W9

What: Last week we did a piece of exposition writing. Exposition is another word for argument. We also did house meetings on Friday. I am in the blue house Kauri. On Thursday we had a Puanga celebration. We drew raffles, we guessed the lollies I guessed 250 and we guessed the jellybeans. There were 3 different types of raffles, there was a beauty raffle my mum bought a raffle for that one, there was a grocery raffle and a kids raffle. I went for the grocery raffle because it had lots and lots of lollies in it.

So What: Last week I learnt how to weave a star with flax. It was very hard but I got the hang of it with a little bit of help by my teacher and my friends mum.

Now What: My goal this week is to finish all of my work on time. My last goal was the exact same because I really need to finish all of my work so I can Have fun time.
Image result for star weaved out of flax

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Word Activity T2W7

In class we have been getting a boring adjective and finding better adjectives that means the same. Here is a gravestone of my better adjectives for a boring adjective.

Prove It To Move It

L.I: Can I use compound sentences in a story?

Here we are Dad, Hunterville. Here are my team mates in the bus coming right now. Hey Rob, can I get my rugby uniform on, or do I have to wait until everybody gets here? Dad can you grab my mouthguard and tape for my socks? Do we start warming up or should we start our streches first? Ok, straight into the game, time for kick off. I just scored my first try, did you see that dad? We won, did you see my try Dad? That was so awesome!

Monday, 13 June 2016


In class we have been learning maori farewells. Here is a toondoo about maori farewells.


Prove It To Move It

L.I: Can I use alliterations?

Cluckety clickety clank went my tiny tricky truck. Oh no please dont break down. Hold on Champ, Champ is my cute cuddly cat. "Hello Riley." "Oh no its Preston plays pinball." "Just go back to playing your pinball Preston." "ok." "Jeez that kid Preston over there in that building always annoys me." "Well lets try to get it to the engineer."

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Weekly Reflection T2W7

What: Last week we did technology. My group in sewing finished sewing their name tag on. Last week we also did two basic facts tests but I only did one because I was away doing jobs for my teacher. There was divided by, minus, plus and times tables in the tests. My score was 60 out of 60 so I got them all correct. Last week I had to help my teacher with a job fixing computers. We had to destroy the old computer technology and put the new technology in by putting a usb that had the new technology on it.

So What: I learn't how to make old computers into Chromebooks, the new computers.

Now What: My goal last week was to finish all of my work on time I did not achieve that. My goal for this week is to finish all of my work on time.
 Image result for sewing machine

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Reading Activity T2W6 Needling An Elephant

In my group this week we were reading a book about Needling An Elephant. Here is 4 facts about it.

1. Acupuncture is a way of healing your injuries or your sickness by inserting needles into the spot where it hurts.

2. You have to put the needle in the correct position or else it will not work.

3. Acupuncture can not be placed anywhere.

4. If the elephant had to much acupuncture it would have harmed her liver and kidneys. 

5. It is easier to do it on dogs and cats because you can feel the bone through their thin skin. It is harder to do it to an elephant because it has very thick skin.


Thursday, 26 May 2016

Stages Of A Structure

In class we got some facts about the stages of building a structure. Here is a popplet about it.

Walking On Water - The Grass Water Spider

L.I: Can I locate and summarise ideas?
In class we have been reading stories. My group read Walking On Water The Grass Water Spider. Here are the 5 main ideas from the story.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Weekly Reflection T2W4

What: Last week in Wanganui there was a massive, loud and scary thunder storm. It went on for hours. Then the biggest strike I had ever seen and heard in my entire life went BOOM! My friend got it all on record. Last week City College came to my classroom. Their names were Te Pearangi, Mr Sager and Bailey.
Bailey was the head boy, Mr Sager was a teacher and Te Paerangi is a student. Last week we had our technology groups. Two weeks ago we changed our technology groups. I am with Mrs Larsen the renovating group.

So What: This week I learn't what makes the big bang when there is a thunder storm. Two clouds collide together.

Now What: My goal this week is to finish all of my work on time. My last week goal was to finish all of my work on time.
Image result for wanganui city college nz

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Prove It To Move It

Write a short story that end sentences with a full stop, question mark and exclamation mark.

Meeting Ronaldo Part 1

"Hey Kingi did you like the soccer game?" "Yes I loved it! We got to meet Cristano Ronaldo. The real CR7." "Do you want to go and see if we can do some shots with him?" "Sure let's see if we can beat him" "Ok." Ronaldo! Ronaldo up here! Oh Hi. Me and my friend were wondering if we could do some shots with you? "Sure guys, what are your names?" "My name is Riley and this is Kingi." " Ok let's go".

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Haiku Poem

Little balls of ice
Smashing crashing flashing bang
Lightning spooks us all

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Weekly Reflection T2W3

What: Last week we practised abstract wobbly buildings in our art books. We copied it onto an A4 piece of paper. Last week we made poppies to tell people about ANZAC Ted who went to war. We played 2 games of dodge ball against our enemies He Puna Kawenga/Room 14. Last week we painted our hub yellow. It looks awesome. Last week we also learnt about our classroom name He Puna Hangahanga.

So What: Last week I learnt that teddy bears went to war. We read a book called ANZAC Ted the teddy bear who went to war.

Now What: My goal for this week is to finish all of my work on time. My last weeks goal was to finish all of my work on time.


Thursday, 12 May 2016

Colosseum In Rome

In class we had to buddy up. I chose my friend Mack. We had to make a prezi about a building. Here is a prezi that me and Mack made about the Colosseum in Rome.

Prove It To Move It

Can I use place value knowledge to solve unknown problems?

1. 27 + 16 =43
27 + 10=37
37 + 6=43

2. 78 +21 =99
78 + 20=98
98 + 1 =99

3. 34 + 25 =59
34 + 20 =54
54 + 5 =59

4. 99 - 25 =74
99 - 20 =79
79 - 5 =74

5. 57 - 22 =35
57 - 20 =37
37 - 2 =35

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Word Activity

This week we have been learning about ANZAC. Here is a wordle about it.

Sunday, 1 May 2016


In class we have been researching architects, engineers and builders. I researched engineers. Here is my glogster.

Weekly Reflection T2W1

What: In the holidays I went to the Hurricanes game in Wellington. Me and my dad stayed at my uncles house. My cousin is usually there but he wasn't, he was at his mums. My dad's work gets tickets to all of the Hurricanes, Lions and All Blacks. They were elite member tickets, that means we were allowed to get food and drinks. We had the best seats in the whole entire Wespac Stadium. We also had all of the old All Black coaches behind us. It was sad because we lost by one point. When I was at my mums I called my cousin on hangouts from Wellington. He was there when I was down at my mums so I was really dumb. Me and him chatted for about four days. Me and him kept on downloading cool games. It sucked when I was at my mums because me and her couldn't hang out because she was working :(. So it sucked.

So What: I learn't that a hammer drill can cut your finger off in 2 seconds. So be careful with a hammer drills.

Now What: My goal is to finish all of my work on time for the rest of the term.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Thinking Interdependently

Last week our class came up with words to do with Thinking Interdependently. Here is my wordle of some of the words.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Weekly Reflection T1W11

What: Last week my cooking group, for our technology challenge, did a food pyramid on our Google drawings. We did 3 sections which are treats, once a week food and every day food. Last week we did our team building challenge. We had to draw a circle with a pencil then cut it out. One person had to fit through the hole. Last week on Monday our principal introduced our new merit certificates. When you get one now you have a special lunch with our principal. You get chocolate biscuits.

So What: Last week I learn't how to make a big enough hole out of an A4 piece of paper that can fit 4 people in it.

Now What: My goal for this week is to finish all of my work on time. My last week goal was the same.
Image result for cooking chocolate biscuits

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Weekly Reflection T1W10

What: Last week on Thursday we had Duffy assembly. This person named Mr Mack came and told us about what he has done through his life. He is a famous author. He wrote the book Dug The Digger. He did not illustrate the pictures in his book. He got his friend to help him draw the pictures. Last week on Friday we got our Duffy books. I got a book that is based on a game. You can play this game on the internet with your friends. The game is called Spirit Animals. The book comes with a code that makes you get awesome stuff really fast. Last week we had two days off. You guys might of had them off to. The days were Monday and Tuesday.

So What: Today I learn't how to draw 3D houses. The name of the picture is called one point drawing.

Now What: My goal this week is to finish all of my work on time. I did not complete my goal last week, to finish all my work on time also.
Image result for doug the digger

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Weekly Reflection T1W8

What: Last week we did some of Paul Klee's art work. We are making buildings that have different shapes inside of them. Today I had to add up house points from different classrooms. Last week on Friday we did our assembly practice. Today we have to do assembly in front of the whole school.

So What: Last week in swimming I learnt how to do big and nice long arms and nice aeroplane hands in freestyle.

Now What: My goal for this week is the same as last weeks, to finish all my work on time.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Weekly Reflection T1W7

What:Last week we went and played soccer with Simon. When we get there we learn soccer skills and how to play soccer properly. Last week a lady came in called Cecily from Wanganui swimming. She taught us how to do freestyle and breath stroke. Last week we went to swimming sports at Wanganui Intermediate school pool.

So What: Last week I learn't how to do breath stroke properly.

Now What:I have completed my goal, finish all my work on time. My goal for this week is to finish all my work on time again.
Image result for pool

Swimming Sports

SPLASH! as me and 2 other competitors jump into the Wanganui Intermediate School pool. Ready, set, CLAP! Come on lets go, come on yes I came first. OMG. I just got 100 house points. Ok my next race is after this one. Oh yes my next race flutter board, front. I'm ready (but are you ready for this) 3 2 CLAP! Come on lets go, come on I can do it. Finished but I came 4th damn it, oh I was really looking forward to that one. Back to school we go.
 Image result for swimming