Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Noun Town

I made a noun town and a wordle. I have lots of stuff in it. I really liked making both my wordle and my noun town. I made my noun town with a couple of friends they showed me theres and then I got some ideas from them, they really helped me get some ideas and told me a couple of things I could put in it. It was really fun.

I have 10 things in my noun town
We put all of our nouns from the wordle and noun town together and made a story
One day I was driving in my Lamborghini and then I met this Bugatti Veyron Super Sport he challenged me to a race. We both crashed into the house and landed in the pool we had to quickly jump out of our cars and run away before they blew up. Boom Boom. No my car. All right to the shop I go to buy me a new one. Oh yeah got me a better one its got boost it has a mean paint job as well. Oh yeah.

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