Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Adjective Story

The ugly evil Octopus was beginning a revenge by secretly stealing penguins from around the world. The Octopus was stealing all of them but then the penguins of Madagascar came in and stole his top secret weapon but then his skinny Octopus friends came but the penguins of Madagascar had already escaped. They were chased to town and then the North Wind came in and tazered the skinny Octopus and saved the penguins and took them to there awesome Head Quarters. The Octopus was furious now. The Octopus decided to say his name. His name was D D Dave!! the Octopus. "Dave you are so sneaky you evil thing how could you" said Sacrifice. Dave the Octopus then got his revenge by turning all of the penguins into horrible monsters and then releasing them on New York City. Everyone had to climb poles and try to escape. They all escaped safely and Private (who was the only penguin  who was still a real one), jumped into the laser and plugged himself in and fired the laser so all of the penguins could be themselves.       

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