Thursday, 13 August 2015

Weekly Reflection T3W4

What: Yesterday my class and 2 other classes from my school went to high school to a year 11 play. The kids in the play are trying to pass an exam. Today the year 6s are going to Rutherford and the year 5s are going back to watch part 2 of the play. The play is called The Big Bad Wolf but in the court room. On Wednesday we went to the gym. We learnt how to do forward and backwards rolls. I knew how to do both of them but we had to put a hacky sack in between our legs and under our chin.

So What: This week I learnt how to play a new chord and 2 songs on the ukulele. The chord I learnt was called g and the 2 songs I learnt were in the jungle the lion sleeps tonight but I can't remember the other one.

Now What: I have achieved my goal by learning a new chord and 2 new songs. Next weeks goal is to finish my work on time and to try to get my full license if my teacher lets me.

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