Sunday, 14 February 2016

Weekly Reflection T1W2

What: Last week we did our name monsters. I finished 2nd to last because I was doing some other stuff for the teachers. Last week we did relays in our school pool it was really fun. My team always came 2nd we had some really fast people in our team. When I grow up I either want to be a YouTuber or a big truck driver.

So What: This week I learn't how to drift on bark with a Huffy Slider.

Now What: My goal is the exact same as last week because they haven't announced the school leaders yet.
  Image result for a western star


  1. Being a truck driver would be really fun.

  2. Wow Riley I like your blog. I like the truck as well.

  3. Wow how did you get that truck it is so cool I wish I had one too.