Sunday, 3 April 2016

Weekly Reflection T1W10

What: Last week on Thursday we had Duffy assembly. This person named Mr Mack came and told us about what he has done through his life. He is a famous author. He wrote the book Dug The Digger. He did not illustrate the pictures in his book. He got his friend to help him draw the pictures. Last week on Friday we got our Duffy books. I got a book that is based on a game. You can play this game on the internet with your friends. The game is called Spirit Animals. The book comes with a code that makes you get awesome stuff really fast. Last week we had two days off. You guys might of had them off to. The days were Monday and Tuesday.

So What: Today I learn't how to draw 3D houses. The name of the picture is called one point drawing.

Now What: My goal this week is to finish all of my work on time. I did not complete my goal last week, to finish all my work on time also.
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  2. I hope you get your goal completed this time Riley.

  3. Hi, Riley. Did you en-joy making the 3D houses? I wonder what it was like?