Sunday, 1 May 2016

Weekly Reflection T2W1

What: In the holidays I went to the Hurricanes game in Wellington. Me and my dad stayed at my uncles house. My cousin is usually there but he wasn't, he was at his mums. My dad's work gets tickets to all of the Hurricanes, Lions and All Blacks. They were elite member tickets, that means we were allowed to get food and drinks. We had the best seats in the whole entire Wespac Stadium. We also had all of the old All Black coaches behind us. It was sad because we lost by one point. When I was at my mums I called my cousin on hangouts from Wellington. He was there when I was down at my mums so I was really dumb. Me and him chatted for about four days. Me and him kept on downloading cool games. It sucked when I was at my mums because me and her couldn't hang out because she was working :(. So it sucked.

So What: I learn't that a hammer drill can cut your finger off in 2 seconds. So be careful with a hammer drills.

Now What: My goal is to finish all of my work on time for the rest of the term.

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