Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Creative Writing

I could not believe my eyes when playing Pokemon Go, a wild Gyarados popped up. I was in Kowhai Park when it popped up. My friends had told me that there was lots of Magikarp in Kowhai Park. Magikarp is the unevolved form of Gyarados. I had 400 Magikarp candies when I caught it. I had 397 Magikarp candies so when I caught the Gyarados it went up to 400 candies. It gives you three candies for each Pokemon you catch. I was so happy when I got my two Gyarados. It was the best thing that happened on my Pokemon Go account. I quickly ran to the car to show my mum she was so happy for me. I said you are the best mum ever thank you for bringing me here. “There is a Lapras right here, LAPRAS, the Lapras is over here follow me, this is awesome because I am catching all of the rare pokemon.” I hope I can catch even more rare pokemon it would be awesome if we could get another Gyarados I really want 4 Gyarados's. Now that would just be amazing, I would scream my head off if I could get 4 Gyarados’s. Thank you mum you are awesome.
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